Spot Welder machine HSW-02AN64


Model :HSW-02A
Input: DC 24V (AC adapter AC 100V-240V,50/60Hz)
Welding electrode voltage: DC 23V
Welding capacity: 95Ws
Welding cycle time: 0.2~8.3 s
Size: 155W×85H×175D (mm)
Weight: 1600g
Welding pulse width: 0.03 ms ~ 30 ms

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Welding ability: Database reference



Welder body (HSW-02A), HSW-F1N(Foot switch),Nickel strip(0.15t 6.4mm,7.6m)
This machine is a personal spot welder that bigger welding capacity of the HSW-01A type machine, has a built-in HSW-PC1 power controller function.
Welding from thin wires of 0.01 mm or less to thick metals can be easily performed with high reproducibility using a household 100V power supply, similar to the 01A machines.
Standard accessories (welding pen, AC power adapter, foot switch, electrode cleaner, instruction manual)


重さ 2 kg