Spot Welder machine HSW-03H3


Model :HSW-03H3
Input: DC 30V (AC adapter AC 100V-240V,50/60Hz)
Welding electrode voltage: DC 25.5V
Welding capacity: 190Ws
Welding cycle time: 0.2~8.3 s
Size: 260W×110H×210D (mm)
Weight: 4920g
Welding mode: normal / Double welding / Seam welding
Welding pulse width: 0.05 ms ~ 30 ms

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Welding ability: Database reference



Welder body (HSW-03), PSW-H3 (one-hand electrode for tabs)
This machine is a personal spot welder that doubles the welding capacity of the HSW-02A type machine, has a built-in HSW-PC1 power controller function, and is equipped with a blue LCD panel that numerically displays the welding voltage and pulse width.
In addition, “double pulse welding mode” and “seam welding mode” are also equipped. Welding from thin wires of 0.01 mm or less to thick metals can be easily performed with high reproducibility using a household 100V power supply, similar to the 01A and 02A machines.
Standard accessories (welding pen, AC power adapter, foot switch, electrode cleaner, instruction manual)


重さ 6 kg