The experiment also shows that the deterioration of lithium-ion batteries due to the number of cycles is caused by the deterioration of the positive electrode and the negative electrode material.

Since the degree of deterioration can be visualized by measuring the internal resistance of lithium-ion batteries, the test conditions can be determined by determining the environment temperature, charge and discharge rate, and the number of expected cycles, and an accurate lithium-ion battery cell can be selected.




Performance evaluation of lithium-ion batteries as parts is generally the application of charge and discharge test and the internal resistance measurement.

Charge and discharge test: It is possible to evaluate the durability and reliability from the deterioration by comparing before and after the incoming test with the initial characteristics of lithium-ion batteries (charge and discharge capacity [Ah], charge and discharge characteristics).

Internal resistance measurement: It is possible to confirm the possibility of issues expected at the time of use by checking not only the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries but also the battery deterioration characteristics by the cycle test.


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